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Investment Portfolio Part I:  Index Portfolios and Risk Capacity

                        Sample of Discussion Postings


Investment Portfolio Part II:  R-squared and Percent of Return Explained

                        Sample of Discussion Postings



Investment Portfolio Project 1:  Instructions    Criteria for Grading

Organizing Data and Descriptive Measures; Regression and Correlation

                        Sample Project A        Sample Project B

Investment Portfolio Project 2:  Instructions    Criteria for Grading

Confidence Interval for One Population Mean;  Hypothesis Testing for One Population Mean

                        Sample Project A        Sample Project B

Investment Portfolio Project 3:  Instructions

Final Report

                        Sample Project A        Sample Project B

                        Sample Project C


A special thank you goes to my students for all their valuable comments and suggestions.  Many thanks to Irina Pabis, Ian Blake, Felix La, Tara Nulton, Emily Picard, Joseph Westlake, Persad Xavier for allowing me to use their work as sample for other students. Note that these projects were selected primarily to show the different approaches in analyzing the data (not for accuracy or interpretation). 

~ Prof. Shaw

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